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Product Information

Wild Bills Paddle - WB Concealment Paddle Holster

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Wild Bills Paddle

WB Concealment Paddle Holster

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Item Details
Wild Bills Paddle conceals well and remains easy to take on and off without removing the belt. If the holster will be taken on and off throughout the day a paddle holster is the best choice. Wild Bills paddle is contructed of kydex and unlike may designs, it is a moderate size. The belt locking mechanism is wide enough so that the paddle does not pivot. The Neutral Cant allows the holster to easily be moved to a cross-draw position when seated in a car. This holster conceals well while remaining comfortable to wear. Wild Bills paddle is deliberately designed to pull the butt of the pistol in against the body. The holster is also designed to ride higher than many others of this style, again for concealment purposes. Also the paddle is adjustable for a straight(neutral), FBI, or crossdraw cant. This holster is ideal for the civilian CCW user.


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