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WB Gun Belt

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To attempt to carry a handgun for any length of time on a belt not specifically designed for it will not make you happy. Common dress belts are simply not substantial enough to support the weight of a holster and handgun. The industry standard for leather dress belts utilizes two plys of very thin leather (2-3 oz.) over a core material of some type of rubber-like substance. All leather belts are commonly found in the 6-7 oz. weight. None are suitable for carrying a gun. We offer belts in three different widths make sure that you can obtain the perfect blend of belt and holster needed for secure and comfortable carry. In order to properly choose a belt and holster system, you must evaluate what style of clothing you will most commonly wear while carrying. Instead of the industry standard of 5 adjustment holes, our belts feature 6 holes. This extra adjustment allows you two holes to tighten your belt and three holes to loosen it. This allows you to switch from a belt slide or paddle holster to an IWB without having to have another gun belt. Our double thick belts use set screws to hold the buckle in place. This way, if you want, you can change out the buckle to suit your style. Since people don't grow only in two inch increments, we make our belts in both even and odd sizes.